You Can Support The Education Of Hundreds Of Poor Children.

With a population of over a billion, one-third of whom are children, and an extreme poverty rate of 21%, India has a large number of underprivileged children who lack access to wholesome food and quality education. These kids have no choice but to work as child laborers in order to provide for their families and get by each day. Therefore, they are losing out on the chance to not only have a happy and healthy childhood but also the chance to pursue education in order to improve their future.

The reality of underprivileged children in the country

Every chance for a mentally, emotionally, and physically nourishing childhood is lost on underprivileged kids. Less than half of young people in the country between the ages of 6 and 14 attend school. These kids have a lower likelihood of becoming self-sufficient adults or contributing members of society as they get older. They will inevitably descend into poverty and even crime as a result of their lack of education. Many of these kids, many of whom are probably even intellectually gifted, will never have the chance to develop their skills and help the country progress. They need encouragement to express an interest in education because it is technically a luxury they cannot afford.

How you can help underprivileged kids have a better future

Many people might not fully understand the value of giving to charity, or they might even have negative opinions about how charities spend their donations. If that worries you, you can still help by donating stationery kits, which will go directly towards supporting education. 

Essential school supplies like stationery, school supplies, uniforms, and many other products can be donated to particular orphanages or educational initiatives for children from low-income families.