The six decades of Indian independence have witnessed too many plans, papers and proposals giving top priority to the health issues in India. Unfortunately, despite huge economic growth, health continues to be the greatest predicament.

Every child deserves a healthy start

Women empowerment is one of the key topic which we all need to keep our eyes on because earlier an India because of male dominated, patriarchal society system, practice of old traditional believes, etc. Women were only responsible to the traditional roles like child bearing and child rearing.

Women's need to empower

A good education is a foundation for a better future.” Our past has taught us that education is very important. It is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.


A young girl ending her life because she was shamed in school for period stain on her uniform is unacceptable. A teacher humiliating a female student for a period stain in class is unacceptable. Adolescence is a critical development window, and menarche offers an opportune moment to intervene.

adolescence IN GIRLS

All the work which we have done so far has given us good result, so we cannot stop here. We have decided to work in something bigger which can bring a huge change.

clean river drives

We are the team of Nourish Planet running a company through our research & development technology to mitigate Municipal Solid Waste, Plastic Waste, and Bio-Waste. We are offering carbon credit programs to multinational companies that emit carbon through their daily activities. Through our technology and CSR programs, we mitigate corporate and industrial carbon emissions and generate their carbon credits too.


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Work gallery