Our Story


A good education is a foundation for a better future.” Our past has taught us that education is very important. It is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world. We all know the power of education. Unfortunately, we also know that education is not provided equally across the nation.

The survey revealed that in rural areas, 37% of the sample students were not studying at all—it’s 19% in urban areas— and only 8% were studying online regularly. As many as 48% of the rural children surveyed were not able to read more than a few words. Covid-19 has also made the education system for poor people more difficult because of online education most of the families don’t have proper internet as well as smart phones to study according to a survey only 31% or children were studying online regularly in urban areas The survey found that only 12% of rural children surveyed have smart phones to actually study.

The Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 (SECC) released on Friday has found that 36 per cent of the 884 million people in rural India are illiterate. This is higher than the 32 per cent recorded by the Census of India 2011. Over a third of rural India still illiterate. Of the 64 per cent literate rural Indians, a more than a fifth have not even completed primary school. The SECC also found that only 5.4 per cent of rural India has completed high school with a mere 3.4 per cent having graduated from college.

We have been working in making India’s education system better because we believe education is the key to solve all the social issues because when people will be educated they will be saving the environment automatically by not polluting it by saving water by using less plastic etc. because then only they would be able to know how important environment for us.

So we set up schools in uttrakhand in partnership with Mycom osi we taught the student about spiritual education the practical education not just the bookish education to them which will make them a better human who will understand the scientific and spiritual aspect of everything, we focused on girl education because we found that the boys are still going to school but not the girls only 20-25% of girls are actually going to school which is again a devastating number.

These schools were in kotdwar uttrakhand where all the villager’s kids took admission our teachers also stared this in many different villages where they taught kids in their houses by that we were able to educate more and more kids.



We adopted 17 more children from the red light who used to beg.We are giving them education and conscious life.